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3D Architectural Visualization

As 3D Graphic designers specializing in Architectural Visualization, it is not always easy to describe our profession, and neither to pronounce it. We wanted to share the essential about our work with you in a very simple way, without limiting ourselves to “We create images of unbuilt architectural projects”. There is much more to say about this profession born of a passion for 3D and architecture.

After verification, it turns out that the Internet defines rarely the term “architectural visualization”, especially in French.  While most jobs are easily defined,  why not ours? In our sector, we have always had this problem of finding an appropriate option in the lists/selection of jobs. “Graphic designer”, “Artist” or “Others”, maybe this is where we belong, but for the moment, it’s still not clear in the eyes of the world.

Let’s get back to our profession, you don’t really know what our role was by looking at one of our images, that’s true. Anyone can express an opinion if they found the quality good, but what was our role precisely?

Did we simply use our knowledge of the real world to translate design information into a technically accurate and aesthetic image? Or have we benefited from a wide range of technical and conceptual skills related to 3D software? These are the questions that may arise when we see our work that make it difficult to clearly define.

Architectural visualization is a mix of technical and creative skills that combines several fields: 3D, architecture, and design. It consists of modelling and sublimating a 3D architecture project in order to help a client to project himself and better understand the property asset that he will receive as a whole. At Valentinstudio, we are not in charge of the making of architectural plans, we mainly work with architects and real estate developers who will provide us the details of the project and 2D plans, so that we can visualize this project in 3D image.

In our case, we essentially produce exterior and interior visualizations of high-end 3D projects. As every architectural concept is unique, each project has different expectations and require specific knowledge. This allows us to meet a constant challenge at the studio by learning new software and tools while adapting to customer demand.

“What ? This is not a photo ?”

To go further, we have decided to make it easier for you by introducing you to our Valentinstudio-style production process in our next article. You will be able to get familiar with our work and discover the concrete steps that allow us to make realistic images. We will provide you with an image answer to the most frequent question we receive: “What? This is not a photo?”

Until then, stay connected!